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Sound logo for Aldi Suisse

The new sound logo of Aldi Suisse – More for branding

Aldi Suisse celebrates the 15th birthday with a repositioning of the brand and we celebrate with them! Because the holistic brand identity also includes a new brand sound.

The sound logo of Aldi Suisse stands for more quality, freshness and efficiency that Aldi Suisse offers their customers. With the new brand message “Mehr fürs Leben” (“More for life”), Aldi Suisse brings the tangible added value closer to them.

The costumers benefit from “more” in terms of both purchasing and service. The sound logo underlines the brand values – and what’s more: the spoken brand name Aldi Suisse resonates in your mind when listening to the sound logo.

In the current TV spot you can listen to the sound logo.


Client: Aldi Suisse
David Biernath (Director Customer Interaction), Stefanie Hänni (Manager Customer Interaction), Michèle Bürgi (Project lead Customer Interaction)

Lead agency: Inhalt und Form
Film production: Solid & Hallerfilm
Music: Fabian Sturzenegger
Sound Logo: WESOUND