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“With Sound – more for the brand”

ALDI SUISSE has reinvented itself. Far from the savings promise and close to quality, freshness and regionality. In order to communicate this brand promise sustainably and to reposition itself on the Swiss discounter market, ALDI SUISSE now also relies on audio branding. Because through music and sound, the brand experience is remembered for a long time. 

We accompanied ALDI SUISSE in this transformation process. In close cooperation with the branding team, a sound identity was created that sustainably conveys the claim and brand values of ALDI SUISSE. In line with the new claim “More for life”, joie de vivre and lightness resonate everywhere.

In close cooperation with the branding team, a sound identity was created that conveys ALDI SUISSE’s claim and brand values in a sustainable way. In line with the new claim “More for life”, joy and lightness resonate everywhere.

Sound Logo and Brand Music

The catchy sound logo supports this communication. It plays with the three syllables AL-DI-SUISSE in an onomatopoeic way, so the spoken brand name resonates in the mind when you hear it.

The sound logo ends with a hand clap as if from a big gospel choir – because “cohesion & community” are more important attributes in the world of ALDI SUISSE.

Since summer 2020, ALDI SUISSE has been audible with a uniform brand sound in the most important channels along the shopping experience: on TV, online and at the PoS.

We work continuously with the client to expand the brand sound palette. For example, ALDI SUISSE opted for a calm and relaxed atmosphere in its 2021 Christmas spot – and reduced the sound logo to a simple bell sound. And a Brand Music Library with various adaptations of the music specifically for use in social media is also being planned.

Audio is opening up more and more moments in everyday life. For us at ALDI SUISSE, this is an opportunity to use audio to create a lasting brand experience for our target group that gets them emotionally in the mood for the shopping experience in our ALDI SUISSE stores or keeps memories of it alive. Joie de vivre and lightness, which resonate in our brand claim “Mehr fürs Leben” (More for life) are wonderfully expressed by the brand sound.

David Biernath, Director National Customer Interaction Services CH, ALDI SUISSE AG


Client: Aldi Suisse AG
Lead Agency: Content and Shape
Sound Agency: WESOUND
Film production: Solid & Hallerfilm
Music TV-Spot: Fabian Sturzenegger