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DFL Supercup 2019

Musical composition for stadion and TV

Copyright picture: imago | Jan Huebner


First played in 1987 and hosted by the DFL since 2010, the Supercup is the primary title of the season. And this year, Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München – the top two teams in the Bundesliga season of last year – met in Dortmund.

Before the start of the game there will be an opening ceremony, in which the Supercup, the participating teams and the motto of the DFL Foundation “top sport connects” are combined to a choreography on the football pitch. The music – used both in the stadium and TV broadcasts – was produced by WESOUND.


The Supercup is an independent brand in German football. Here, the winners of two competitions, the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup, meet each other. (In case of a ‘double’ winner, the team placed second in the Bundesliga competes against the double winning team). Therefore, the music of the Supercup should sound original, yet referring to the special constellation. The music conception is therefore: Subtly quote what already exists musically and keep the tension until game start.


The Supercup music composition quotes the motif of the Bundesliga anthem in a ‘rocking’ appearance. Through certain instrumentation, tempo and genre, the stadium atmosphere experiences an emotionally tense boost.


  • Client:  DFL – Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH
  • Composition and production: WESOUND