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Podcast Marketing


Podcasts are booming. To shed light on the potential of “Podcast Marketing” from various perspectives, ESB has gathered voices from partners. Included is Birgit Elke, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at WESOUND, who describes the podcast as an element of a holistic “Sonic Brand Experience” in her statement.


Sonic Brand Experiences: The Podcast as an Element of Auditory Brand Communication

Podcasts are not just a passing trend but a powerful resource in the marketing mix. Their unique strength in conveying content understandably and entertainingly at the same time makes them a dynamic tool. However, the true magic lies in the personal closeness created by the voices of the podcast protagonists. Here, the magic unfolds: listeners are not only activated but taken on an emotional journey. Trust plays a key role in this, and the appropriate voice in the right tone achieves just that. The emotional connection between podcast hosts and listeners is the basis for a sustainable relationship.

It is also important not to forget the crucial role of acoustic brand building, whether as part of corporate communication or as a standalone brand. The intro and outro give the podcast a distinctive identity. Music elements, skillfully placed and aligned with the content, enhance the effect. In summary, podcasts are more than just audible content – they are a significant element of auditory brand communication.

Birgit Elke, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, WESOUND network


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