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HEALTHCARE MARKETING Audio branding for healthcare and pharma companies


Cornelius Ringe in an interview with the HEALTHCARE MARKETING magazine: “The connection between music, sound and health has been obvious from time immemorial. Be it prehistoric shamanism, modern music therapy or simply one’s own mood management – sound is used to increase the feeling of wellbeing. The negative effects of unwanted music and sound are equally unquestionable. In my opinion it’s natural that healthcare and pharma companies use sound to a great extent in their brand communication. (…)

In medical technology, brand sound is becoming hugely significant for the design of the user experience, at the interface between humans and machines. Whereas humans used mainly to come into contact with medical technology in hospitals, today in these times of digitalisation and demographic change this occurs to an ever greater extent at home or indeed anywhere. Health is one of the most important topics in our lives. It’s clear that this is reflected in the range of mobile apps and speech assistants. The demands for functional, aesthetic and at the same time brand-conform sound design are by no means trivial.”


You can read and download the full article “Getting the Tone Right” here.


The article was originally published in the German magazine:

HEALTHCARE MARKETING – The trade magazine for health brands
Nr. 10/October 2020, volume 15, pages 40-43.
New Business Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg.

Translation by WESOUND.