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nextMedia.Hamburg: Predictions 2023


What makes Gen Z tick? And what impact does it have on brand communication?

A topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention. Birgit Elke, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at WESOUND, took a closer look at the significance of audio branding for Gen Z in this context. For her, it is obvious that a generation of young people who express their own personality through music and sound in digital channels also expects something similar from brands.

“Audio branding – a critical success factor for Gen Z” is the title of their Prediction 2023, which @nextMedia Hamburg, the location initiative for the media and digital industry, published today.

With its annual predictions, nextMedia lets experts have their say on the development of the most relevant technologies, innovations and trends in the media industry. This year it’s audio, digital publishing, digital marketing, platforms, moving image, creator economy and the Metaverse.

Click here for the 20 Predictions for 2023: