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Sound Design & Music for new film by Pinkstinks

The vulva. Long unexplored and afflicted with great shame.

The “School against Sexism” project was launched by Pinkstinks to provide educational work and give everyone the opportunity to ask their questions about gender roles, sexuality, feminism and sexism. There are no taboos here – everyone can ask questions.

The current film “On a Vulva Discovery Tour” is entirely dedicated to the vulva – with all its external and internal organs, its functions and its sense of pleasure.

We are happy to support the valuable work of Pinkstinks with sound design and music! ♥️

Thank you for your trust, @ Pinkstinks team.

Pinkstinks is a magazine, educational organization and campaign office based in Hamburg. Their vision is a society in which people are no longer divided into pink and blue – rigid gender roles that pigeonhole people instead of recognizing their individuality.

Production: Pinkstinks Germany e. V.
Creative Director: Mareike Woischke
Illustration, Animation, Editing: Annina Brell
Art Director & Typo: Antonia Krüger
Script: Mareike Woischke
Speaker: Lara Wichels
Sound Design: WESOUND GmbH