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tic tac Spearmint

tic tac Spearmint: Experience the unmistakable sound of enjoyment! 🍃🤩

We are incredibly excited about the launch of the campaign for “tic tac Spearmint”. At the end of each spot, the new tic tac sound logo is heard, which makes the popular refreshment pills tangible also through sound.

The unmistakable sound…
… when shaking the tic tac package
… when opening the package lid
… when the mini pills gently dance on the surface of the table
… of breathing deeply as you refresh your day with tic tac.

All this makes for tic tac enjoyment! Purely acoustically. 🍃🤩

In sum, the sound logo ensures a concise and impactful audio representation of the brand and seamlessly complements the visuals.

We would like to thank the tic tac team at Ferrero for their great cooperation. Every product is an experience – and we get to capture this for you sonically. That’s a lot of fun.

Our thanks also go to our own creative team of sound designers and brand consultants who meticulously crafted this masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the tic tac brand.

Client: Ferrero / tic tac
Lead agency: Leo Burnett Deutschland
Production tic tac spearmint spot (25 sec): Tobi & Tron / THE FAMILY
Musical arrangement & re-recording: Bobo Marcucci/Sledgehammer S.R.L.s
Sound agency: WESOUND
Sound mix: Studio Funk