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Personalised audio experiences


Standing out from the noise of everyday life through personalisation

Personalisation is one of the biggest challenges for digital brand communication nowadays. If you want to successfully win and retain customers, you have to put them at the centre and offer individual experiences. That’s why the ESB asked various agencies how they handle this challenge.

Here is what our Head of Design Lars Ohlendorf answered with regard to personalized sound design:

“In the digital brand world, personalisation is not just a trend, it’s a necessity. It is increasingly about personalised audio experiences. They are the key to standing out in the soundscape of everyday life – whether in the car, in the city or in virtual worlds.

But the challenge is not technology, but still creativity: to tell gripping stories that put the listener at the centre, and to create relevant informational added value through sound. With custom soundscapes and generative audio tools, we create unforgettable customer experiences.

A rethink is also necessary on the part of companies: Audio is no longer just the one sound file for the campaign, but the totality of human- and machine-generated content. And internal and external stakeholders want and need to be actively involved. If you simply broadcast according to the old pattern instead of creating stimulating interaction spaces, you only create more complexity for the brand-managing company – but no relevant added value.”

Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design and Partner, WESOUND

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