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Sound: the underestimated brand dimension


Let’s hear – Is the audio boom relevant for medium-sized companies?

In its current issue 04/2020 with the main topic “Sound – The underestimated brand dimension” W&V takes up frequent questions about voice, sound and audio identity. Experts answer these questions. Cornelius also has his say: “No matter where a brand is heard, its sound should support the desired brand experience and communicate in harmony what the brand stands for.”

The “audio tsunami” is imminent. More and more people are discovering the great freedom of being able to act “hands free” thanks to audio use, which is driving the boom in audio among users. The resulting new possibilities and simplifications in our everyday lives are great drivers for audio. Digitalisation is democratising audio and audiovisual content, believes Ringe: “Anyone can make a YouTube channel, anyone can make a podcast. The production costs are so low that it is feasible even for a one-man operation”. The decisive criterion is rather how clever, how witty, how relevant the content is that is played out here – and how it is marketed. AI-based voice assistants are the next big milestone in the audio boom. They will enable us humans to communicate more with machines in the future.

The advantages of voice marketing, how to get started with audio and voice, what distinguishes sound branding from a sound logo and much more are discussed in the current issue of W&V.

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