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VDT-Magazin | Interview with Lars Ohlendorf on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence”

Sound engineer Lars Ohlendorf

Translation of the artile “KI kann alles und nichts” (AI Does all but nothing) from the VDT-Magazin, 3/2019

Translation of the German original from the following publication:

VDT-Magazin / Die Fachzeitschrift für Tonmeister
(VDT-Magazine / The trade magazine for sound engineers)
Edition 03/2019 / Date of publication: July 2019 / Page 32-36
Title: “KI kann alles und nichts” (AI does all but nothing)
Author: Elke Wisse

In this article, the author Elke Wisse interviews Lars Ohlendorf, our Head of Design, on the topic of “AI in brand communications”.

Translation by WESOUND.