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WE10YEARS. Lars Ohlendorf about sound design and user experience


Sound design and user experience. These are the topics that make the heart of our Head of Design Lars Ohlendorf beat faster. He runs the business together with Cornelius Ringe and Carl-Frank Westermann, constantly challenging the status quo. His passion is the creation of unique brand experiences with sound.

“Sound branding is not a matter of quiet contemplation. Sound branding can only have meaning in the context of picture, movement and interaction. Context is king, n’est-ce pas? In other words: Audio, Voice and AI – great stuff, but first let’s talk about how we can use it to concretely improve the user experience. This is an important change of perspective, away from the details of tools, formats and channels and on to the meaningful creation of user-led interactions with product, service and brand. This will be the way to create relevant brand and product experiences in future. And that is what engages us the most as a sound agency.”

Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design and Managing Director WESOUND