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Campaign launch: The Wake-Up Call

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Good or bad technology

Reflecting on recent discussions surrounding #AI technology, we find ourselves pondering a fundamental question: How far should we go?

The “Wake-Up Call” campaign, launched yesterday and crafted by Philipp und Keuntje GmbH for the new coffee „Arabica Antifaschista“ by Laut gegen Nazis, is an eye-opener for many.

💡 It reminds us that technology itself isn’t inherently good or bad; it’s the intentions and actions of humans that define its impact. We hold the reins, determining whether technology serves to uplift or harm society.

💡 We at WESOUND are aware of the responsibility we carry in the tech industry. Since our work on our first voice AI modell ESPESY in 2021, our commitment to fostering critical discourse has only deepened.

💡 The complexity of this issue is too vast for a single post, but we invite you to engage in the conversation. Let’s explore how we can steer technology towards positive change in society!

💪🏽 We’re proud to support the Wake-Up Call campaign by Laut gegen Nazis, standing united with colleagues from diverse sectors to defend democracy and uphold our shared values. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration in championing meaningful change.

The video podcast „Wake-Up Call“ is available on various channels:

Spotify: Link
Instagram: Link
YouTube: Link
TikTok: Link

Read the HORIZONT article from March 7, 2024 on the campaign here:

LINK HORIZONT (sorry, only in German)