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The new superpower of CCV

Sound Identity for the pioneers in payment

CCV is a European provider of end-to-end payment with a 65-yearlong company history. In 2022, CCV asked us to support them in their rebranding process with the development of a sound identity. For the first time in their brand history, CCV now uses branded music and sound in their brand communications.

Modern, yet playful

Inspired by the brand values, the brand’s music also promotes a vibrant, bold, friendly, reliable and innovative attitude. It finds the balance between organic and technological aesthetics, it is approachable yet powerful and is very memorable.

Implementation across multiple touchpoints

CCV is aware that the power of good audio branding lies in its implementation across multiple touchpoints. So, from now on, the brand can easily be recognized only with the ears due to its unique brand sound.


Client: CCV
Sound Agency: WESOUND
Video production: FULL FRAME


Sound Design
Sound Design