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Sound logo for the ecological pioneer claro

You can now hear ecological cleanliness


The Austrian company ‘claro’, producer of eco-friendly dishwasher detergents and green cleaning agents, now uses an audiovisual logo in their communications. WESOUND developed the new brand sound element that evokes associations to the use and the benefit of claro products in the dishwasher and refers back to the ecological mission, manifested in claro’s brand claim: ‘Green. But thorough.’

Copyright Fotos: claro


Within three seconds, the whole course of the product in use is being brought to your ears. It starts off with a brief, dynamic sound of water running, which symbolizes the dishwasher in action. It ends with a clear, clinging sound of a wine glass, associated with cleanliness and shine.


The sound logo is being used as brand ambassador in the ending of their TV and radio spots, as well as in their image film. In combination with the audio-visual logo animation ‘Green. But thorough.’, the sound logo offers a multisensory experience of claro’s brand identity.


  • Client: claro products GmbH
  • Sound logo concept: WESOUND
  • Production: WESOUND
For over 20 years we have been successful with our attitude behind the brand claim „green. But thorough.“ We are very happy that WESOUND has developed a sound logo for claro that reinforces sending out our message in all brevity into the world and that places the brand sustainably in a purely auditory way.

(Josef Dygruber, claro founder and CEO)


Sound Design
Sound Design