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ISS – Our Interactive Soundspaces at Cornelsen

Acoustic brand experience at the Cornelsen Information Centre Hanover

Cornelsen is expanding its acoustic brand communication to another touchpoint: the Brand Showroom at its Hanover location. With the sound system ISS, short for Interactive Soundspaces, developed by us, Cornelsen wants to make the brand sound sensually experienceable in the room.

ISS goes far beyond previous approaches and systems of in-store sound reinforcement. On the basis of the pre-defined brand sound, new but always brand-compliant sounds are constantly generated: music and sound never repeat themselves. This creates a pleasant room atmosphere which, in the case of Cornelsen, ensures calm and invites people to linger. The acoustic brand elements subtly flow in here to create temporal and spatial orientation.

Musical adjustments via smart audio interface

Adjustments to the sound generated by the algorithm are possible on an individual basis. For example, Cornelsen employees can determine for themselves via a smart audio interface which activation level the soundscape should have. The algorithm adjusts this by changing the instrumentation, rhythm and dynamics. External audio content such as audio ads or voice announcements can also be integrated using the interface.

Sound-wise, the room always offers new, immersive brand experiences thanks to the ISS.

Immersive brand experiences – free of fees from collecting societies

The technical solution is simple and easy to install. In the case of Cornelsen, a small Mac and a tablet as user interface as well as the installation of 10 loudspeakers in the room were sufficient to fully exploit the potential of the Interative Soundspace in terms of sound. What’s more, the ISS is mobile. With a simple copy of the software, Cornelsen can now install the generative brand soundscape elsewhere, such as on a trade fair stand.

And best of all: the music in the Interactive Soundspaces is free of fees from collecting societies.

I have the unique task of managing the development of the Interactive Soundspace as well as its implementation for the Cornelsen brand. Experiencing the ISS live in Hanover is great. The soundscapes fill the space in a wonderful way and charge it positively with atmosphere. A real benefit for our CI and pleasantly perceptible for our clientele.
Ellen Meister, Brand & Corporate Identity Manager, Cornelsen

Feedback on the ISS:

“I feel embraced by the music when I’m here.” (Cornelsen employee)
“I perceive it positively when it is on and miss it when it is off.” (Cornelsen employee)
“I like that I can change it and turn it off, that I have control.” (Cornelsen employee)


Client: Cornelsen
Sound agency: WESOUND
ISS Software and Technology: WESOUND


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