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In the course of the brand relaunch, DEW21 communicates the brand idea “Simply honest” acoustically

Brand sound development for DEW21


DEW21 is a modern company in the energy service sector, based in the Dortmund region. To be equipped for the future energy market, DEW21 decided to start a brand relaunch. The new brand idea ‘Einfach ehrlich’ (‘simply honest’), served as the central theme and orientation for all initiated measures. The new corporate sound is an important part of the brand relaunch.


In a brand sound workshop, WESOUND in close cooperation with the DEW21 brand managers developed a sound that shows the brand moving forward. A tercet of three notes that expresses greatness, confidence, strength and a short four note sequence called ‘energy’.


Electric-synthetic sound elements with a spatial depth represent DEW21’s future orientation, while the warm tone and harmonic sound elements make the core of the brand ‘simply honest’ audible.
The brand sound guideline, available for all brand managers in the DEW21 brand portal, provides all information and rules for the use of the sound elements in different media (radio spot, image film, event, product, etc.).


  • Client: DEW21
  • Sound concept: WESOUND


Sound Design
Sound Design