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Sound Design for a virtual 5 day/50 hour event called Future Week 2020

Event Sound Design for Future Week 2020


Future Week 2020 was developed as a way to bring Future Day into the virtual spotlight. Future Day is a long standing event that has been going on for 20 years in Frankfurt – a project developed by the Zukunftsinstitut.

Alongside the Future Day team and the creative agency, Zum Goldenen Hirschen; a sound design was created for this 5 day event that was live-streamed for over 50 hours. While maintaining consistent brand and event coherence, the sound design was used as the event digital packaging material.


A particularly challenging aspect was to develop a sound design that would complement the visual framework of the online event and support it on an emotional level. It needed to convey the idea and motivation of the event and the speakers, while at the same time accompany the audience throughout the event week with a recognisable acoustic framework.

Under the event’s motto “50 Hours of Fueling Optimism!”, the aim was to create music that allowed the audience to see things with a view to the future. The sound needed to be both progressive and positive. In order to give justice and support to the character of an event sound design, the music was not to be overpowering or vigorous but rather subtle and atmospheric.


The result was a flexibly scalable and applicable sound design toolkit, which led the participant through a countdown to the event, an intro into the event and finally an outro from the event back to the countdown.

The transition sound and loop package enabled the control room team at the Zukunftsinstitut to crossfade between multiple media players, audience members and different program sections with a smooth transition.

The finishing touch of the event sound design was a corresponding pre-produced modular music track that was used for the daily review highlight reel of the previous event day.


  • Client: Future Day GmbH / Future Week 2020
  • Sound concept: WESOUND
  • Production: WESOUND


Sound Design
Sound Design