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Audio Branding Leipziger Messe

Ambient sound forms the basis for brand sound

In the audio branding project for Leipziger Messe, the spatial sound of the exhibition halls themselves forms the basis of the auditory brand identity. Captured in the heart of Leipziger Messe and fused with sounds from acoustic instruments, it is found in all audible applications of the brand sound.

The storytelling soundtracks, on the other hand, are each specifically resolved. For the brand voice, stage directions were defined – serious, competent, inspiring. They enable different speakers to adopt the same brand attitude and thus ensure uniqueness and recognition for the Leipziger Messe brand through the voice.

With the help of the resulting sound element construction kit, all acoustic applications can be staged with an intro/outro system, if desired.

In radio spots, videos, telephone waiting loops and, last but not least, in the form of hall announcements at Leipziger Messe, the sound elements identify the sender.

In cooperation with WESOUND the graphic double M known worldwide for 100 years was born again acoustically. WESOUND accompanied the process with great brand expertise and technical competence and developed a distinctive sound identity based on the characteristic sound of the exhibition halls. The new sound offers optimal conditions for the brand’s acoustic unfolding.

Steffen Jantz, Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Spokesman of Leipziger Messe


Client: Leipziger Messe AG
Sound Agency: WESOUND
Music: WESOUND and Christian Meyer
Sound Design: WESOUND and Christian Meyer


Sound Design
Sound Design