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Sound logo conception for the Reeperbahn Festival

“Ropes away”

Reeperbahn Festival

Copyright photos: Svenja Mohr, Dario Dumancic, Florian Tryskowski


Since 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival has attracted visitors from all over the world and is regarded as the biggest club-festival in Germany. The brand of the Reeperbahn Festival is now being brought to your ears with an own sound logo. The Reeperbahn Festival brand now has its own sound logo.


Ropemakers have been making ropes for their ships in Hamburg since the 16th century on ropewalks, ‘Reeperbahn’ in German, as long as 300m. This explains how the Reeperbahn in Hamburg derived its name from this centuries-old craftsmanship. Today, the Reeperbahn Festival throws out the ropes to bring in new pop music from across the world.


From there it was a natural step to the conception ‘ropes away’ or ‘cast off’ for the sound logo. Rhythmic lasso-sounds, electric guitar and the applauding crowd capture the festival mood and the core elements of the brand identity within seconds. The opener and the ending were already applied for the audio podcasts of the Reeperbahn Festival conference in 2016, accessible through and The new sound was played in the teaser videos on YouTube, as well as in the Reeperbahn Festival’s Arts Audio Guide via the Reeperbahn Festival App.