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Sound identity for the concept „Diversity unifies“ for the theatre prize Hamburg



For six years now the Theatre Prize Rolf Mares has been awarded every year by the organisation Bühnenverein Hamburg e.V. and a selected jury of specialists. Awards are presented in nine categories. Participants include about forty Hamburg theatres, from large subsidized houses such as the Schauspielhaus, Thalia or Ohnsorg Theatre to big and small independent theatre organizors, among them the well-known Kampnagel.

The agency Inferno Events from Hamburg, also co-founder and organizor of the Reeperbahn Festival, asked WESOUND to develop and produce an acoustic design for the award-winning videos.

Die Agentur Inferno Events aus Hamburg, als Mitbegründer verantwortlich auch für das Reeperbahn-Festival, gab WESOUND den Auftrag, für insbesondere die Preisträger-Videos vom Theaterpreis Hamburg, ein akustisches Erscheinungsbild zu entwickeln und zu produzieren.


The sound logo for the Hamburg Theatre Prize is based on the idea: ​​”Diversity unifies. This is shown in the logo with a polyphonic sound (a chord) that grows out of a single sound (piano note). Strings and piano were chosen as instruments as they perfectly fit to the theatre and the festive occasion. The same instruments – piano and strings –  were used again to link the music track to the sound logo, but with the addition of a beat and electronic sounds creating a sound world that can perfectly be combined with the logo, but at the same time serves its purpose as the background under a narrative track.


The sound logo for the Theatre prize Hamburg interprets and associates with the situation: “Curtain up”. At the same time, the string chord forms the conclusion of the video trailers as intro / outro clips (the associated intro / outro animations refer to the new sound). The music supports the winners’ spoken contributions. It represents the independent sound world out of which the sound logo too has been developed?


  • Client: Inferno Events GmbH
  • Sound concept: WESOUND
  • Music production: WESOUND
  • Film production: Paul Küsel, NWO Gmbh


Sound Design
Sound Design