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Audio branding for innovative wheat technology programme

Syngenta launches X-TERRA®

Syngenta, the Swiss agtech company, accelerates innovation to help meet the challenges of a changing world, from climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss to the demands of farmers and the wider society. Their innovation is enabling regenerative agriculture.

For the launch of their innovative wheat technology programme X-TERRA®, Syngenta turned to us to strengthen their brand communications with the development of a unique sound identity.

Inspire, excite and mobilize

As part of a holistic brand experience strategy, sound is becoming an essential brand asset for X-TERRA®.

In a creation process with the client, we developed an emotional brand sound that cross-medially inspires, excites and mobilizes the target audience to become part of their vision of a sustainable future for wheat.


The design basis for the X-TERRA® main motif is the X shape depicted in the visual logo, which has been translated into a melodic sequence. We call it the X-ID. Just as the visual identity is inspired by wheat grains in terms of design, the brand sound reflects the quality of the grain texture.

Brand Music

The brand music is the musical foundation upon which the sound logo and all other facets of the brand sound are rooted. It serves as both a creative touchstone and a leitmotif for all future adaptations of the brand music.

Sound Logo

The sound logo embodies the core values of X-TERRA®: togetherness and growth. It combines sturdy drums, gritty textures and the unmistakable X-ID melody to create a memorable sonic signature.

Throughout the customer journey, this musical theme conveys the essence of the brand as well as its enduring connection to its agricultural partners.

Cross-media implementation

The new brand sound assets are currently being implemented in various touchpoints – audiovisual formats such as brand film, social media, events, podcasts, phone service system, etc.

“Great experience working with WESOUND! Creative, responsive leading to customer delight! I was the customer. 😉 Such a great team to collaborate with.”

Fabien Lubrano, (former) EAME Field Crops Seeds Marketing at SYNGENTA (now Market Development Director EMEA, Colorcon)


Film production: Radley Yeldar
Sound agency: WESOUND


Sound Design
Sound Design