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This is our very own sound Logo system

We are WESOUND. We are one of the few audio branding agencies in the world with our own unique sound logo system. In harmony with our visual brand identity, we created a concept-emphasised, fluid and ever-changing sound design, to celebrate our clients and designers. It is the WESOUND Morse Code.

Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design, WESOUND

Creative concept and sound design

WESOUND’s visual logo is based on Morse code. Morse code because it is an almost archetypal translation of language, of meaning; raw, and reduced to the essential. Just like our work. The sound to it is obvious: it’s Morse beeps. Each line of Morse code represents one letter of our name, W (.–), E (.), S (…), O (—), U (..-), N (-.), D (-..). Of course you can knock yourself out and play the sequence with a moog synthesizer (“modern”!) or a piano (“trustful”!!) or even an orchestra (“sophisticated”!!!). But this wouldn’t answer to our challenge: to create a concept-emphasised, fluid and ever-changing super-design, that celebrates our clients and designers.

A new WESOUND sound logo for every new client

This concept does the trick: We create a new WESOUND sound logo for every new client. The rules are simple. First, the sound logo must either maintain the morse code rhythm or its linguistic meaning – either you design with the rhythm or you work with the letters or the word WESOUND itself. Second, the sound needs to capture the essence of the client’s brand.

This has led, for example, to this interpretation for the Discovery Dock. For our award-winning work for Hamburgs multimedia harbour musem, real Morse tones from the 1940s provide the cultural framework for its bold look into the future. For Duden, we used raw computer-generated voice to show the brand’s devotion to structure.

At the International Sound Awards 2022, the case was awarded with a BETTER SOUND AWARD in the category “Audio Branding”.


Sound Agency: WESOUND

Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design, WESOUND
Bernal Chaves, Senior Sound Designer, WESOUND
Federico Truzzi, Producer, WESOUND



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