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AIM / Audivisual Immersive Maps / Hamburg

With AIM, your next virtual journey through Hamburg won’t be limited to visual perception but will additionally allow the exploration of the acoustic dimension of the city! 🎶🎙

In the last months, our AIM team has been on the road at various places and locations in Hamburg to capture typical sounds everywhere: on busy streets, remote corners, noisy harbor areas and natural oases of peace. Hamburg’s cultural landmarks also lend the city their unique sound, such as the bells of St. Peter’s Church.

All these sounds have been recorded with our 3D microphone array and will soon be brought to life digitally on an audiovisual immersive map (AIM).

We are very excited about the AIM project which will in the future bring the sounds of the entire world into your living rooms.

We’ll keep you updated!

AIM is funded by the Innovation Program for Business Models and Pioneer Solutions of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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