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HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Making brands heard


Trust and reliability are important aspects in brand communications of health brands. How audio branding comes into play here is explained by Carl-Frank Westermann in an interview with the German trade magazine HEALTHCARE MARKETING.

“Beware, the rapid increase of audio is not only about the what but mainly about the how in the way it is conveyed. I immediately hear and experience which brand appeals to me and I don’t even have to see it. A good brand sound provides the target groups with a personal emotional access. Audio branding addresses target groups authentically and thus creates lasting loyalty.” (…)

“Especially for health brands, audio branding offers the possibility to convey the individual brand philosophy characterized by trust, connection, reliability etc. in an appealingly authentic way. An example: a certain brand prosody for speakers across all audio applications leads to recognition and credibly promotes sustainable user loyalty when used continuously in the sender-receiver dialogue”.

The article was published in German in the trade magazine:
HEALTHCARE MARKETING – Trade magazine for health brands, issue 4/2021.