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ISA2022 Better Sound Awards


Extremely honored that two of our projects are awarded with a BETTER SOUND AWARD in the category “Audio Branding” at the International Sound Awards 2022.

With the project “The WESOUND Morse Code”, we developed our very own and unique sound logo system. In harmony with our visual brand identity, we created a concept-emphasized, fluid and ever-changing sound design, to celebrate our clients and designers.
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In our audio branding project for #TeamDeutschland, the young brand of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, we developed a brand sound that completes and emotionalizes the brand communication in all applications.
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A shoutout to our creative team – Lars Ohlendorf, Bernal Chaves, Federico Truzzi, Paul Louis, Maher Alkadi, Peter Aslanidis

…and greetings to our client German Olympic Sports Confederation / Deutsche Sport Marketing together with whom we’re developing this successful project.