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ISS / Interactive Soundspaces in your brand room


ISS – Interactive Soundspaces

The ISS creates new and immersive acoustic worlds of experience for your physical and virtual brand spaces


Sound triggers emotions

Ask yourself first: How do you want your customers to feel in your brand space? Then realize that sound can create or destroy an emotion – and that emotions are the strongest driver of customer loyalty. So don’t leave it to chance! Create a positive emotion around your brand via sound!


What is special about the ISS?

It creates inclusive and open sound atmospheres for people of all generations

It is super-fexible on many terms: technical set-up, sound experience, brand display, integration of third party content…


Further reasons…
It may actually help to increase your sales and customer satisfaction
It is much more cost effective than instore-radio
It allows you to contribute to brand objectives via sound
It allows you to truly define the feeling of your space


Customers, employees and the brand benefit from the use of Interactive Soundspaces in your brand room!



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Example: “ISS for Cornelsen brand room at the information center in Hanover”

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