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Brand activation with audio branding

Brand Activation with Audio Branding

Brand activation with audio branding

Together with our clients Cornelsen Verlag GmbH and SCC EVENTS GmbH we present our own ESB web-forum on March 23. Cornelsen, one of the leading providers of educational media in the German-speaking world, will report on the use of our Interactive Soundspaces software ISS in their physical brand spaces. SCC EVENTS GmbH, one of the world’s largest sporting event organizers, will report on the use of audio branding for sports events. The ESB web-forum will be held in German, but we will also report in English.

Triggered by the #audiofirst approach of the younger generation, audio(-visual) formats that combine emotional storytelling with branded content are rapidly gaining momentum. Brand sound assets such as sound logo, brand music, and brand voice activate the brand along the entire customer journey – in TV and radio spots, social media, podcasts, events, etc. Smart creative solutions such as WESOUND’s Interactive Soundspaces (ISS) enable subtle brand experiences in physical and virtual brand showrooms.

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