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Audio Branding as a modality of brand management


Cornelius Ringe was interviewed by PUBLIC MARKETING, the German trade magazine for marketing & communication, on the topic of “brand sound in the public sector”. While audio branding is already learned for the private sector, the topic is still largely uncharted territory for the public sector.

The most important take-aways:

👉🏻 “An ideal brand sound is based on the value system of the respective brand, which runs through the entire brand experience in the form of an audible sound DNA. This is done through a variety of audio assets.”

👉🏻 “Audio banding is not a project, but a modality of brand management that needs to be continuously developed and implemented.”

👉🏻 “Unfortunately, brand sound is too often equated with, or reduced to, a sound logo. The output of audio branding in general should be a specific brand experience with a clear, audible sender signature.”

👉🏻 “We mostly listen unconsciously and process our auditory impressions emotionally in the implicit system of perception. So that’s exactly where strong brands are created in our minds.”

Source: PUBLIC MARKETING, February 2023
Article: Brand sound in the public sector
Interview with Cornelius Ringe, CEO, WESOUND GmbH