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The Sound of Handball

The jump shot as inspiration for the EHF brand sound


Copyright photos: EHF/M


The European Handball Federation (EHF) is the umbrella organization for handball in Europe. As part of a holistic brand experience strategy, EHF developed a sound identity for their brand together with WESOUND. It reflects and represents the core of handball.


A modern Brand Sound approach will play into the vision of positioning handball as the most attractive indoor sport. It supports the goal of attracting a younger target audience. Just like the sport itself, sound offers a great entertainment factor to inspire and win new audiences in the long term. Through the coherent and consistent use of unique and recognizable sound elements an improved connection of the various tournaments and their followers will be achieved.

For the EHF Brand Sound, WESOUND got to the core of “The Sound of Handball” and created a handball sound DNA as the recurring element across all audio-visual applications. The jump shot was identified as the most iconic and defining handball movement. Through video analysis and motion tracking the jump shot was extracted into a rhythmic design pattern. Moreover, a melodic interpretation of the jump shot was composed. “The Sound of Handball” main motif can be found in all official EHF competition anthems. It is a predefined notation, but allows for flexible instrumentation.


There are numerous application opportunities of the Brand Sound, which will be developed over time. A first implementation will be heard in the EHF Champions League. The premium character of this tournament was translated into modern sound design through a new Champions League Sound Logo and Anthem. Both implementations will come to life in the arena and will consistently complement all audio-visual communications, including opening/closing sequences for TV elements, digital streaming platforms, social media content and many more.


  • Client: EHF Marketing GmbH
  • Sound agency: WESOUND GmbH