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Lectures and presentations

Understand the possibilities and the potential of sound. In the entertainment branch just like in the technical expertise area, WESOUND is a leading agency in the field of sound. With formats such as WESOUND’s infotainment SENSEation, lectures, workshops and conferences, employees, specialised audiences, guests and the public come to be associates of the auditory world.

  • SENSEation
  • Teaching

SENSEation Performance

SENSEation is an infotainment format that WESOUND has developed to offer audiences a highly sensorial quality to sound-related topics that are music, voice and silence. A SENSEation performance is extremely interactive and very entertaining. SENSEation raises questions such as: how can the optimal Sonic User Experience be designed? How can the design process unite function, aesthetics and brand? Current sound trends are directed at experts in the fields of creation, advertising, media, branding, product design, etc.

In order to raise awareness of sound across sectors, with a changing cast, WESOUND performs SENSEation at congresses and festivals.

  • Radio Advertising Summit, Dusseldorf, April 2019
  • Radiodays Europe, Lausanne, March 2019
  • HORIZONT German Media Congress, Frankfurt, January 2019
  • SEAT SENSEation at the Primavera Club Event, Barcelona, October 2018
  • International Brand Colloquium, Seeon, September 2018
  • SEAT SENSEation at the Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, June 2018

Sebastian Fuchs and Carl-Frank Westermann

Dr. Cornelius Ringe and Sebastian Fuchs