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Study: Human Touch in AI Voices


Human Touch in AI Voices: New study on brand anthropomorphism and brand equity published!

We are excited to share the research findings of our former colleague Lino Knödler and his co-author Christian Rudeloff. In their study “Look Who’s Talking Now: The Effects of Pre-recorded and AI-generated Synthetic Brand Voices on Brand Anthropomorphism and Brand Equity”, they examine the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in brand voices.

Using WESOUND’s voice AI model ESPESY, the duo developed audio-visual stimuli for this study.

The results show how both pre-recorded and AI-generated brand voices promote brand anthropomorphism (the assignment of human characteristics and behaviors to a brand) and thereby enhance brand equity. Particularly interesting: these positive effects persist even when the AI origin of the voice is disclosed.


Discover the full results and their implications for theory and practice in the complete article (paywall). 📄✨

Lino Knödler is a brand strategist at one of Germany’s leading creative agencies.

Christian Rudeloff is a professor of media and brand management at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.