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Using artificial intelligence in music composing

Logos BMWi & ZIM

iMozart | A BMWi funded R&D project by WESOUND

In order to design the selection of music in brand communication even more objective than before, WESOUND makes use of artificial intelligence to maximize its potential. In an R&D project funded by the “Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)” of the BMWi, the software project that goes by ‘iMozart’ creates algorithmic music compositions and puts them in a usable context of audio branding.

Up until now, the known AI brand sound projects specialized on analysing audio attributes and put them in correlation to an audience; although iMozart has a different approach.
Intelligent algorithms redesign the existing compositions to highlight specific attributes to be wished for.

By developing these new methods of software composition, our team works on solutions that take advantage of digitisation and makes it function in creative and strategic processes. While we are internally occupied developing complex algorithms, the final product is going to be user- and listening-oriented.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.