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Immortal voices – Voice AI technology in your pocket

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Immortal Voices – Voice AI technology in your pocket

Imagine carrying your voice in your pocket wherever you go! With Apple’s fascinating Voice AI feature, “Personal Voice,” now integrated into the new iOS 17, iPadOS 17 oder macOS Sonoma, it’s not just a possibility—it’s a reality! At least in English, until more languages follow. Fifteen minutes of voice recording are sufficient for the Voice AI to clone the voice from this training material, making it applicable at any time through a text-to-voice process and usable on the iPhone.

What may seem like a gimmick to some, holds life-changing significance for others. People at risk of losing their voice due to illness can record and preserve their voice with Personal Voice. For those affected, it is a crucial step towards autonomy and self-determination.

But like any innovation, it raises legal questions such as those related to personality rights, labeling, deep fakes, and liability. Join our conversation with the Tech & Data legal experts from Fieldfisher to dive into the nuances.

Nevertheless, we too are moved and touched by the wonderful short film “The Lost Voice,” with which Apple promotes the new feature.