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WESOUND turns 10: Cornelius Ringe about modern brand management


Strategic competencies are the focus of Cornelius’ work. Therefore, since his appointment to the management in 2017, WESOUND stands on an all the more solid foundation. Cornelius is a passionate networker. He never loses sight of the international development of the industry.

“After 10 years, WESOUND stands at the forefront of a worldwide audio revolution which has made its goal better, in other words meaningful, brand sound. The sounds created by WESOUND have an effect where brand images are created – in the subconscious. For modern brand management in the digital age – with AI and the increasing integration of language assistance in human-machine interaction – brand sound is an irreplaceable dimension of the customer experience. Good audio branding offers its users a rich inventory of audible brand elements, the brand sound assets. But if brands have no fundamental strategy and concept for their sound, they just make superfluous noise.”

Dr. Cornelius Ringe, Managing Director WESOUND