What others are saying

SEAT, Global Marketing Director
Susanne Franz
Music and sound are very important subjects for SEAT and our young target group. WESOUND has internalised our brand and given us inspiring input in many projects on the subject matter. Personally, I’m very happy about that. As coaches and consultants in the MUSICATHON team, Cornelius and Lars shared their know-how with us and with emerging artists – a great enrichment for all audiophiles and a big push for the creative process.

Portrait: SEAT

Radiozentrale, CEO
Lutz Kuckuck
WESOUND is certainly a TOP address for advertising customers in the field radio/audio. Why? Because WESOUND gives brands a fitting auditive profile with music, sound design and voice. For many years Carl Frank Westermann has been a valued ping-pong and impulse provider for radio and sound.
NEPOS GmbH, Founder and CEO
Paul Lunow
WESOUND developed functional sounds for the Nepos tablet. The multimodal interaction lets the users interact with the digital world in a safe and productive way. The system sounds are an elementary component. WESOUND designed the sounds for Nepos with great instinct and perfectly managed to transport the brand values „trustful, understanding, respectful“ and to emanate emotional proximity.“ We not only enjoyed the professional and constructive cooperation, but also the consistent positive feedback we received from our test persons.

Portrait Paul Lunow: Darius Ramazani

June Fund GmbH, Managing Partner
Florian Schindler
I met Carl-Frank Westermann some years ago on a sound branding project for Allianz. Over the time while working together on other projects, such as NEPOS, we have built up a much valued trustful relationship with WESOUND. The agency has a comprehensive understanding for brands with their finger right on the pulse of the time with audio. With a sharp eye and interdisciplinary expertise WESOUND designs concepts for all kinds of sound application of the highest standards. I am sure: We will be hearing a lot more meaningful stuff from WESOUND in the next years.
Josef Manner & Comp. AG, Head of Marketing
Ulf Schöttl
We were very impressed with the constructive and creative process. WESOUND created a sound logo for TV and radio spots in close exchange with the brand management. In a very professional way WESOUND looked deep into the brand Manner and brought about these aspects: the meaning of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the brand’s Viennese tradition as well as the rediscovery of a jingle used in the 70’s. Several international awards for the sound logo, such as the red dot award, German Design Award are the best evidence for this successful collaboration.
Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Spokesman of Leipziger Messe
Steffen Jantz
In cooperation with WESOUND the graphic double M known worldwide for 100 years was born again acoustically. WESOUND accompanied the process with great brand expertise and technical competence and developed a distinctive sound identity based on the characteristic sound of the exhibition halls. The new sound offers optimal conditions for the brand’s acoustic unfolding.

Portrait Steffen Jantz: Dirk Brzoska, Leipziger Messe

Grit Leithäuser, Radiozentrale, Management and Head of Marketing
Grit Leithäuser
For many years, WESOUND and above all Carl-Frank Westermann has been dedicated to the increasingly important topic “sound for brands” and he is an absolute expert in this field. One can still feel that Carl-Frank is passionate about helping brand owners find their acoustic identity. The audio sector has a large and ever-expanding potential for branding and that’s why agencies like WESOUND are currently extremely important.
claro, Founder and CEO
Josef Dygruber
For over 20 years we have been successful with our attitude behind the brand claim „green. But thorough.“ We are very happy that WESOUND has developed a sound logo for claro that reinforces sending out our message in all brevity into the world and that places the brand sustainably in a purely auditory way.
Managing Partner, Mandat Consulting Group
Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
Anyone who contemplates sound branding should urgently talk to Carl-Frank Westermann. He is an accomplished expert and has been an esteemed driving force to me and the Mandat team for many years. At the International Brand Colloquium, he particularly inspired us as a speaker and he quickly became the contact person within the network of former participants and speakers with respect to the sound of a brand. Besides, his latest extremely engaging project ‘SENSEation’ has brought participants on the edge of their seats. They were impressed, enthusiastic and they familiarised themselves with the topic of sound and brand.
Culture manager and moderator of the thematic forum „Cultural brands“ at the CultureInvest! Congress 2018, curated by WESOUND
Henry C. Brinker
Living spaces are always also sound spaces – neglected acoustics are unpredictable and arbitrary and ultimately directed against the people who are involuntarily exposed to it. The sound that surrounds us is an aesthetic, communicative, social, even a medical and finally a technical challenge. The sound of our era should not be left to chance – to design it is a social responsibility.