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AUDI @ OMR23: The car as brand space


“A car is by far the purest form of brand space – immersive, interactive and multi-sensory. With the help of various audio AI solutions, we design this sound space to create an unforgettable in-car experience.” Cornelius Ringe, WESOUND

The possibilities with AI are limitless, also in the field of audio. At the panel “My car, my cocoon” at OMR23, to which AUDI had invited various thought leaders from the fields of mobility, data and customer experience, there was a lively discussion about the opportunities and risks AI brings for the future of mobility.

Together with Aya Jaff, Yara Hoffmann and Patrick Lins, Cornelius Ringe discussed fundamental questions such as:

👉🏻 How can data be used in a future-proof way in relation to mobility?
👉🏻 How do data-based applications influence the atmosphere in the vehicle?
👉🏻 What significance does sound have in this context?
👉🏻 What is already possible today, what do visions of the future look like?

There is great potential in audio AI solutions for the passenger compartment, confirmed Patrick Lins from AUDI. Audio subconsciously provides car occupants with complex situation- and brand-related information and equally enhances the quality of the room atmosphere.

What important questions do you have on this topic? Let’s definitely discuss this further!


Pic credits: Jakob Nawka

Here you can watch the video recording of the panel talk “My car, my cocoon”.