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Sound for e-mobility / Deutschlandfunk radio feature

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E-mobility sound is part of the expertise of our Head of Design Lars Ohlendorf. “Partly, I work with real recordings of engines. Additionally, I use different synthesis methods to make the sound of an electric vehicle captivating.” Of capital importance is the design of dependencies and interdependencies of different vehicle parameters (like pedal position, torque, speed) with sound parameters (e.g. pitch, loudness, harshness).

Since the EU regulation came into force on July 1st, 2019, so-called Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems, or AVAS for short, are mandatory for all electric cars.

“The AVAS technology is intended to warn people when a vehicle is approaching. And it does so at a volume of at least 56 dB, which is equivalent to the sound of rain or a running refrigerator. The upper limit is 75 dB, which is the noise of a spinning washing machine.”

Lars gives insight into AVAS in this @Deutschlandfunk radio feature (in German).
See link below.

You don’t understand German but are interested in more details? Please feel free to contact us directly.