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Discovery Dock: Mixed Reality 3D Sound Experience

Have you ever explored the port of Hamburg with your ears wide open?

You can do so by visiting the Discovery Dock and by watching our making-of film “Discovery Dock – Mixed Reality 3D Sound Experience”. You will learn how we conceived and realized this complex, powerful acoustic experience for one of Hamburg’s most innovative tourist adventures.

What does it feel like when’re standing in a dry dock, in a nature reserve along the port or on one of the harbour’s container bridges?

The interplay of state-of-the-art 3D sound technologies, interactive soundscapes and specially developed compositional algorithms allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Hamburg harbour. For us the Discovery Dock is now a shining example of acoustic design in multimedia spaces. Which makes us very proud!

Thanks for the great cooperation with the client DuMont Media and the lead agency DeModern.

You can find further information on this case here.