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The Family Audiobook (FAMILIENHÖRBUCH) in times of the corona crisis


Technical solution for our heart initiative

For some time now, we have been supporting the wonderful initiative Family Audiobook (FAMILIENHÖRBUCH), which enables young terminally ill parents to produce their personal life story together with loving greetings to their children and families in the form of an audiobook – as a last gift and lasting memory of people and their voices.

In times of corona and social distancing, personal interviews for the project lead Judith Grümmer are not possible – her patients are a high-risk group that needs to be protected. And they cannot wait till the end of the pandemic. In order to be able to continue the important work also during the corona crisis, we have developed a technical solution for the FAMILIENHÖRBUCH.

To protect patients, the interviews are now being conducted at a distance from home. The required setup of a recording and director-side technology that turns the patient’s device into an easy to use recording tool, enables voice recordings in studio quality. The audio book produced corresponds to the usual quality standard.

Picture copyright: Joachim Rieger