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Fieldfisher Tech Lunch on Audio AI


Fieldfisher Tech Lunch: Audio AI from a Legal Perspective 🎤🤖

Artificial Intelligence in the audio sector not only offers fascinating possibilities but also presents us with complex legal challenges. At our upcoming Tech Lunch on November 21st, we’re thrilled to dive deep into this topic with renowned legal experts from the international law firm Fieldfisher.

We aim to provide the legal experts with an overview of the current state of audio AI technology, followed by a discussion on the legal challenges that come with Artificial Intelligence.

One topic of discussion will be the requirements that innovation-driven companies place on European legislation concerning generative audio AI. The AI Act of the European Union, which has been under negotiation for four years, is expected to become legally binding no earlier than 2025. However, it’s already considered outdated, as it predates the era of ChatGPT and generative AI.

The panelists are:
Dr. Cornelius Ringe, CEO, WESOUND
Lars Ohlendorf, Head of Design, WESOUND
Marco Manzo, Sound Engineer & New Audio, Studio Funk
Moderated by Martin Lose, Tech & Data Lawyer, Fieldfisher

We aim to shape the future, but with the utmost responsibility. Therefore, we look forward to engaging with the experts at Fieldfisher.

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