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GIRLS’ DAY 2020: We participate!


Trial day at the sound agency: the professional podcast production

We give participants at Girls’ Day 2020 an insight into our daily business. A professional podcast production is on the program.

On Girls’ Day, the participants design and produce their own podcast for one of our customers in teams. After an introductory workshop and the presentation of the various work areas in a sound agency, the girls are asked to prepare their own texts on a podcast topic specified by the customer, to write a speaker briefing, to carry out a voice recording and finally to cut and edit a 3-minute podcast – on the professional mixer in the recording studio, of course. They can of course take the audio file of the podcast home at the end.

The offer is aimed specifically at 9th / 10th grade students.

More information about registration on the GIRLS ‘DAY 2020 website