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HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Audio Banding in the healthcare industry


Audio Banding in the healthcare industry

Opportunities for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industrys

Healthcare Marketing: Can you describe the audio branding process?

Ringe: When brand DNA is optimally transmitted via sound codes, it’s either an incredible piece of luck or the result of a well thought-through and rigorously implemented audio branding process. Gambles should be avoided. An audio branding process is characterized by clear methodology and a defined amount of leeway for creativity and artistic license. The right amounts of these two elements must be coordinated. The best methodology is useless if later on the creative side is not in the hands of experienced, brilliant designers. Thus, one decisive success factor is the people who take on the creative aspect in the middle of the audio branding-process. The surrounding process methodology is necessary in order to steer the creativity in the right direction and achieve a consensus with all participants. But more is required to actually make a brand’s DNA audible. Without a clear implementation concept and long-term audio management, even the best brand sound concept is destined to decline.

Healthcare Marketing: Let’s talk about the health industry. To what extent does the subject of audio branding play a part in healthcare and pharma companies?

Ringe: The connection between music, sound and health has been obvious from time immemorial. Be it prehistoric shamanism, modern music therapy or simply one’s own mood management – sound is used to increase the feeling of wellbeing. The negative effects of unwanted music and sound are equally unquestionable. In my opinion it’s natural that healthcare and pharma companies use sound to a great extent in their brand communication. For example, the iconic Doppelherz [“Double Heart” food supplement] sound logo has existed almost unchanged ever since I can remember. It’s an inherent part of my childhood memories. When I hear that final melody in a Doppelherz commercial, I have this incredibly reassuring feeling of familiarity like no other OTC brand manages. But nowadays that isn’t enough to make a brand in all its significance come alive auditively for the entire customer journey.

“Brand sound doesn’t mean that still more sound emanates from brands, but that their sounds are created more consciously and in a more targeted manner.”

Dr. Cornelius Ringe, CEO WESOUND

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HEALTHCARE MARKETING – Das Fachmagazin für Gesundheitsmarken
Interview: Anna Jäger
No. 10/October 2020, Issue 15, Pages 40-43
New Business Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg.

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