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HEALTHCARE MARKETING: What does health sound like?


What does health sound like?

And why health sounds different to all of us

Healthcare Marketing: Cornelius Ringe, what is the sound of health?

Cornelius Ringe: What health means to people varies widely. Depending on culture, society and context, your question could call forth different answers. The same applies to the definition of music. Indeed, one could philosophize and debate such definitions and correlations at some length. At the end of the day, you have to find a suitable consensus for all participants. That is already an important process in brand management.

Healthcare Marketing: Music and voices are perceived by different people in different ways – what delights some might drive others to despair. So isn’t the very attempt to give a brand a voice or a sound automatically doomed to failure?

Ringe: No, brands successfully face this challenge on a daily basis in all areas of brand communication. Taste isn’t something to argue about. So it’s all the more important that brand sounds are not seen as questions of taste. A well-led brand knows its own identity. Its sound, the brand sound, is an auditive reflection of this identity. So it doesn’t have to be invented, but discovered and revealed. This is a basic paradigm of modern brand management. Yes, we humans are all very different and have differing brand preferences. Brand-makers know and exploit this. Brand sound is already an intrinsic part of a brand. Our task as a sound agency is to decode this DNA and encode it in sound parameters. Take our Wesound logo for example. It is a visualised code which can be communicated via all media – including audio.

Healthcare Marketing: What significance does sound have for a brand’s DNA and how is this expressed?

Ringe: Sound is effective above all where the brand image is created – in the subconscious. And this happens faster and more directly than any other cognitive stimulus. Where this implicit brand knowledge is gathered and the reward system makes the decision to buy, is also where brand values and messages are communicated far better via implicit sound codes than by explicit language.

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HEALTHCARE MARKETING – Das Fachmagazin für Gesundheitsmarken
Interview: Anna Jäger
No. 10/October 2020, Issue 15, Pages 40-43
New Business Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg.

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