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HEALTHCARE MARKETING: Audio Branding – Getting the tone right


Audio Branding: Getting the tone right

Dr. Cornelius Ringe in an interview with HEALTHCARE MARKETING

Hearing plays an important part in making a brand perceptible with all our senses. Audio branding translates brand identities into sound and helps in the strategic and emotional positioning of companies, brands and products. According to Cornelius Ringe, brand sound exists intrinsically in a brand‘s DNA. The managing director of the agency Wesound explains what’s important about acoustic brand management.

In everyday life, when you’re confronted with noises or sounds, you can’t not hear them. Audio in all its facets is an inherent part of daily life. We can’t close our ears and are thus perforce exposed to the auditive stimuli of our environment. This is also true when companies address their target audience with acoustic elements as part of their communications strategy. After all, advertisers want to offer customers and users a consistent customer journey along all brand touch points. Auditive communication is understood as part of the marketing instrument audio branding.

Audio branding or sound branding are strategic and operative measures that contribute to making a brand audible. The resulting brand sound becomes an inherent part of the brand and has the task of translating the brand’s identity, values and philosophy acoustically. The aim is in this way to create an unambiguous association to a particular brand and an unmistakeable identity. One prominent example is the brand presence of Deutsche Telekom. For almost 20 years, the sound logo with its distinctive five-tone progression has been omnipresent and is now firmly anchored in our auditive memory. Audio branding elements can be used at various touch-points, for example in video productions, web sites or as an acoustic point of sale accompaniment, at trade fairs and events and in showrooms. Then there are the still relatively young forms of communication like for instance language assistants, which in turn offer new opportunities for advertisers.

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HEALTHCARE MARKETING – Das Fachmagazin für Gesundheitsmarken
Interview: Anna Jäger
No. 10/October 2020, Issue 15, Pages 40-43
New Business Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg.

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