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Olympic Summer Games 2024: The Team D Brand Sound

For five years, WESOUND has been working with Deutsche Sport Marketing and, together with athletes from Team Germany, has developed a brand sound. This sound has already been used at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing. As always, the acoustic and visual design concept is in harmony.

The upcoming Summer Games #Paris2024 are also characterized by a dynamic strategy that showcases the interplay of national identity and international hospitality.

Visually, the brand’s distinctive design language and the national colors of Team D are combined with subtle influences from French art and architecture. 🇩🇪

Acoustically, the unmistakable brand sound of Team D is adorned with musical French nuances, which we call sound ornaments.

This flexible design principle allows Team D to create a special cultural note for each Olympics while maintaining continuity in acoustic brand recognition.

The brand presence of Team D is characterized by a respectful visual and acoustic homage to the host country. 🇫🇷

Many thanks to the DSM team for the creative and inspiring collaboration. Onwards and upwards!

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