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Radio Advertising Summit 2019 | Welcome to the Golden Age of Audio

“Audio Trends” was the motto this year as the sixth edition of the Radio Advertising Summit, in which about 800 decision-makers from the advertising and radio industries came together in Düsseldorf on April 10, 2019.

WESOUND was present on several moments of the agenda. Our voice director Sebastian Fuchs opened the congress with his vocal acrobatics to let the audience understand the evolution of renown radio sounds – from hissing and beeping of analogue radio receivers, to effects of pop radio from the 80s and to noiseless digital radio of the modern audio era.

One program item was announced as ‘Audiofeeling | Streaming SENSEation’, in which the audience should have become part of a ‘social surround sound’ experiment. This, however, experienced technical difficulties that day and couldn’t be showcased on a big scheme, but the message was clear nevertheless: the creative use of innovative technology establishes a foundation, of which brands and their respective clients get fascinated by.

The topic ‘Voice Assistance’ caught attention as well. In a workshop, WESOUNDs CEO Carl-Frank Westermann and Sebastian Fuchs took the audience on an acoustic journey through smart speakers and voice assistants. Examples from Alexa & Co. made clear: What seems to be rather one-dimensional right now, carries huge brand potential already. An appeal to everyone responsible in brand marketing to concern about own brand identity.