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ART STYLE magazine: Next-level sound branding

20240304_Lars Ohlendorf_Art_Style_Acoustic_Architecture

Next-level sound branding is about orchestrating immersive experiences that invite individuals to forge a personal bond with brands, shaping their unique narratives.

👏 Our Head of Design Lars Ohlendorf wrote an article for the latest edition of ART STYLE Magazine.

🚀 Discover how the innovative concept of “acoustic architecture” is transforming branding by emphasizing dialogue over monologue, creating immersive brand experiences.

💡 Learn why interaction, audience engagement, and resonance with brand identity are crucial in harnessing the power of sound for corporate identity and branding strategies.

The digital edition is available for download on:

You can read Lars’ article on page 51 to 68:
“Acoustic Architecture Progressing Beyond Sound Branding – Why Imprint When We Can Craft Together?

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