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Female Empowerment in the audio industry

Contribution by Heike Hagen, Voice Manager at WESOUND

“What I can say from my 32 years of practical and scientific experience in audio is that the combination of technical skills on the one hand, and creativity and psychology on the other is a lacking resource. And women who are a little bit of an audio nerd are by nature perfect for this combination of talents in our branch.”

In support of our current female empowerment campaign, our voice manager Heike Hagen produced a statement in which she sums up her 32 years of experience in the audio industry from a feminist perspective.

Does her voice sound familiar to you? That is quite possible, because Heike Hagen is not just a German voice actress, singer, music producer and journalist. Above all her voice became familiar in German speaking countries through more than 60.000 minutes of TV Off Comment and as the first German voice of Apple’s Siri.