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Audio Branding for Syngenta’s X-TERRA®

🌾🎶 Audio branding for X-TERRA®, Syngenta’s innovative wheat technology programme

Syngenta, the Swiss agtech company, accelerates innovation to help meet the challenges of a changing world, from climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss to the demands of farmers and the wider society. Their innovation is enabling regenerative agriculture.

For the launch of their hybrid wheat technology programme X-TERRA®, we created a distinct and inspiring sound identity.

🎼 The brand music is the musical foundation upon which the sound logo and all other facets of the brand sound are rooted. It serves as both a creative touchstone and a leitmotif for all future adaptations of the brand music.

🔊 The sound logo embodies the core values of X-TERRA®: togetherness and growth. It combines sturdy drums, gritty textures and the unmistakable X-ID melody to create a memorable sonic signature.

In the near future, you can hear the brand sound unfolding across different platforms, from brand films to social media, events, podcasts, phone service system, etc..

Sound is now a vital part of the brand experience of X-TERRA®. 🚀🚀

Grateful for the inspiring cooperation and the great team work!

Film production: Radley Yeldar
Sound agency: WESOUND

Link to X-TERRA case